I fear that love does not exist

I fear that love does not exist
That there are only charades, illusions, mirages,
That this is only desire, devotion, drive,
That this is only respect, greed, egoism,
That this is only solitude, society, relation
That this is only convention, catharsis, copulation,
That this is only untruth, unwillingness, clumsiness.
That there is no love…
That you are not…
You become an oneness with me – you make me taste an unique substitute…
A substitute…
The real one
you are not…
It grieves the heart so much
(That) love is an elusive scent in the air
(That) without this name we would be naked
(That) we would not be human
(That) is only a need
of a soul, of a body, of an entity
A need, not a state
There is no…
There is a longing.
Translated by Olga Gulla

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Jedna odpowiedź na „I fear that love does not exist

  1. Yes there is all of this but if you look closely you will find love in a blade of grass, a child being born, a friendship, birds in flight. Love will always overshadow hate.


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