Tear down!

Tear down! Tear it down from me!
Rip the blouse, tear my skirt away,
Hit me, insult me, torture me,
take me by force!
I won’t take this for a rape…
Every intimacy of your skin towards mine
reanimates a bad heart…
Unexpected going – away…
No pulse!
Unexpected going – away…
Will stab my heart with a freezing cold of parting
I do love you!
I beg you, I love so much…
Rock me to sleep by the touch of a rose seducing
by the essence of red in a summer afternoon
Sing me a lullaby as silent as night gazing
of two lovers towards the stars.
Touch me with eyes full of delightful childish fascination.
I know, I know…
Don’t you want…?
Can’t you even look me in the face…?
No pulse…
Hug! Hug me.
You don’t have to think you’re hugging me –
it could be all about her…
I will humiliate body, soul, but come!
I beg you only – be!
No pulse.
Translated by Olga Gulla

Informacje o Alice

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