Cat chasing mouse.

A cat is chasing a mouse. She escapes. We have a chase!
Let’s come back to the very scene. The mouse is buckling, its four paws are working at the speed of small step-running.
The cat rushes, his tail is up,  the sides of the mustache catch the air.
We are witnessing an escape! It is a big deal to witness such an incident. I do not know whether you are aware of what you are witnessing (?).
In a minute  the cat for the first time will grasp the mouse’s tail with a paw bigger at least ten times. An unsuccessful trial. In the second go-round, the cat is trying to hit the mouse in its head.
„It’s so easy to stun a potential meat to eat”-  this thought is already hanging above the cat’s head. One more time it will swipe at the colourless air and with its fluffy, black and grey paw, the cat will touch the mouse. The cat will touch it in such a way that  the mouse, being under impression, will turn a somersault but it won’t be a victim yet.
Before the cat can hold the gray lady of holes, the connoisseur of cheese and the penetrator of wallpapers in Grandma’s bedroom;  before it takes it by force, before we witness its existence for the last time … The mouse turns around (stop!-Let the shot be immortalized), still trying to escape, still running as fast as its leg s allow it for, yet it dies. It still breathes, it still dashes, its small mousy  brain still believes in salvation.
The next scene. We continue to witness the deadly -as it will turn out- chase.
The cat makes a jump and the mouse has been already imprisoned. He is on her with his big, cat’s paws finished with claws so characteristic for a cat. He is hitting her, defiling her mousy fur, her mousy body.
In the next scene, the cat has already cut the mouse into pieces. First, we do not notice this. A little blood, nothing more. A bit of aggression. A small scene from the normal food chain.
We don’t like the mouse, but… but we feel sorry for her. Her assassin-cat, her killer-cat! The villain is staving the claws into a small, grey, squealing and moaning mouse! We are looking the other way.  Being humans does not allow us to look at this inhuman murder.
Well, a cat is a cat and a mouse is a mouse. Such is the course of events.
The scene is probably already over. Because who wants to see a scene of a slaughter taking place somewhere  behind a house near a well and an old tree – when a cat was making a meat from his „mouse-pig!”

Translated by Paulina Filipczyk


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