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Young writer – Alicja. Chernobyl generation – famous year ’86. Addicted to coffee with milk, chocolate bars, listening to music and watching films at nights. Looking for ‘herself’ all the time, for a place to be in this world. Hates judging people by appearance or discriminating them because of their “strangeness”. Feels indignant when somebody claims that “we have to, we should behave like this…”. In her opinion there’s no better way to learn but from our mistakes.

For her, writing is like love. It comes and chooses you. You’re hit. You have no choice. Your soul and body become filled with emotions. Suddenly you feel that you are not alone. Somebody inside – your twin brother or sister starts to talk to you. It laughs with you or more often – at you, cries with you, thinks like you. One day you sit down, you take a sheet of paper, a pen or a pencil and you write all these things that are in your head, which all this you, your heart and soul want to remove. You write because you are overwhelmed with life, with the fact of being and with your second self living inside of you. I write – she says – I write about all these everyday things, about the things my inner twin sister makes me to write. Debates and arguments are endless. Negotiations about the choice are not easy. Her sister is a tyrant. And among these debates about words and topics the histories of people sitting close to us are born.

In the cooperation with the ‘sis’ we take photos, better or worse, of people, of their emotions, needs, desires. Love, faith, life – here and in this better world. The touch of a hand, a reserved look, the song of a skylark – it all becomes the matters of our discussions as well. If there were no poetry – we would be deprived of all our best and most intensive colours we could imagine with our mind’s eyes.

Olga Gulla – passionate for translating into English and Spanish, hopefully Swedish soon, happy student of Swedish Philology (Jagiellonian University). Loves the surrounding of multilingual words, people from all around the world and tabby cats. Hard-working, persistent and open-minded. Feel free to contact me – we can talk, I can translate for you, I can help. contact: gulla.olga (at) gmail.com

Paulina Filipczyk – I write, teach and  translate…. I love alternative music, abstract paintings, movies ( especially Jarmush, Tarantino, Mendes, the Coen brothers, etc.) …. Besides, I sail, cycle and travel …. I simply adore Sarajevo, Riga, Budapest and Barcelona… and… and I’m still searching for new challenges J, contact: filipczykpaulina@gmail.com


Informacje o Alice

Fall in love with writing...
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