The anger that inhabited my soul made me act like an animal. I used to become a wild, uncontrollable beast that was gliding dynamically across some gloomy streets. My ferocious thoughts that filled my existence, were yearning for meat and offering, for fight and innocence. I could not control myself. I wanted to kill, rape, possess, own, deal, win… Nothing else mattered. The most important thing was to appease, satisfy, feed my anger and to give it what it wanted, what it demanded… Thanks to satisfying this hunger the beast became calm. I had no other choice apart from living by its side and being completely dominated. The presence of this gloomy demon haunted me and, thus, made me anxious. Today, the beast has shown me again that it still accompanies me, that it governs me, that it decides… But today, I’ve decided to give birth to another monster. A blow, slaughter, blood, the sounds of screaming, the yelling of the innocent and guilty ones. They fall, their limbs are jiggling in the rhythm of a great rage. And suddenly… and suddenly the end comes. Silence. Everything will disappear as usual. What will remain are the features of her silhouette floating in the morning river. She will disappear in the air and everybody will forget her for some time.

Translated by Paulina Filipczyk


Informacje o Alice

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