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Odsłona 2: Ciii…! To gada… O-N-A!

Powiem Ci ja coś w sekrecie… kliknij i śledź mnie… Reklamy

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The anger that inhabited my soul made me act like an animal. I used to become a wild, uncontrollable beast that was gliding dynamically across some gloomy streets. My ferocious thoughts that filled my existence, were yearning for meat and … Czytaj dalej

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Johnny *** “Why did Johnny do that?” ask people. The expert investigated, family searched for the answer, grandmother cried, and godmother was wailing the entire funeral. *** Desperate Johnny runs across the street. He ignores cars, passers-by on zebra crossing, … Czytaj dalej

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A Sleepless hour 00:59

I am haunted by insomnia. Lying in my bed I am awakened – I can’t sleep, I am unable to fall asleep. In front of my eyes I see people painted by a mist, pictures created by illusion and non-existent … Czytaj dalej

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Cat chasing mouse.

A cat is chasing a mouse. She escapes. We have a chase! Let’s come back to the very scene. The mouse is buckling, its four paws are working at the speed of small step-running. The cat rushes, his tail is … Czytaj dalej

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A dilemma of a young thought

Have you ever felt the pain, which didn’t want to leave, and when it seemed to have disappeared, it was coming back, double forced? Have you ever felt such great love, that you could barely live and love each other? … Czytaj dalej

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