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before… after… after… before…

In each moment of life we are either before or after. We will experience this before and after forever. It does not matter how much of “before” and “after” we have had, we will always be before or after. It … Czytaj dalej

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Aging is ruthless. Under the cover of wrinkles, hump, veins on hands, it hides (still hides…) a soul, a young soul. Looking in my grandma’s eyes I see so many tales, so many stories and so much energy. But… aging … Czytaj dalej

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The weather

The weather here doesn’t lift one’s spirit. As long as one can talk about a spirit and not spirits. On the contrary, I would give a vigorous kick in its whiffing dark-grey backeye. I feel like I have been waiting … Czytaj dalej

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